Custom Pressure Washing Rigs

Custom built Rigs

One of the services we truly enjoy is building custom pressure washing rigs!  We sell the best quality equipment in the industry and continue to learn new and innovative ways of building rigs the way YOU want them!  We provide quality assurance and get you up and running quickly!  Here are a few different options for all sorts of different facets of pressure washing.

  • Residential Pressure Washers
  • Commercial Pressure Washers
  • New Construction
  • Mobile Detailing
  • Heavy Equipment Washers
  • On-site washers
  • Truck/Fleet Washers
  • Specialty Industries (i.e. Plumbers, Landscaping, etc.)
What kind of trailer should I use?
We usually will provide you with a custom quote to fit your SPECIFIC needs and will have you provide your own custom trailer to be built.  We typically recommend dual axle trailers for maximum protection on weight distribution.  The size of your trailer is usually dependent upon the size and scope of the trailer you are looking to build.  Usually we see 5x10 and/or 6x12 trailers but some could be bigger or smaller. 
What are some of the basics you include with the build?
There are some basic ways we will usually install with any trailer but otherwise can be altered depending on the customers choice.  Some of those basics are:
  • Inlet and bypass manifold (1" or 3/4")
  • Hudson float valves for water
  • 3-way shut off valves from water
  • Anti-freeze kit 
  • Water filters inline 
  • Stainless fittings in pressure lines
  • Minimal barb & clamp fittings to prevent air leaks
  • 1/2" bypass to maximize flow
  • Water tank mid-axle to provide proper weight distribution
What hose reels do you use?
We use the best quality reels with our custom builds.  We will typically use Hannay Reels or Summit Reels depending on your SPECIFIC needs.
What size tanks do you carry?
We carry a variety of different size leg tanks and vertical tanks.  They range from 35 to 525 gallons.
What are some other options I will find?
We offer a variety of different upgrades.  We can mount and weld different racks and/or different options depending on what you would like.  Some of those are:
  • Hose Reel Stack kits
  • Pail Holder Kits
  • Chemical tanks
  • Downstream injectors in-line
  • Pressure Washing Stands
  • Flush lines
  • High flow water fill lines for water tank
  • Side mount stands for hose reels
How can I get a quote?
You can give us a call here at (919) 779-7905 for a free quote on a trailer today!
Here are some of the many builds we have provided in the past: