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$52 (gallon)

F9 BARC: The Best Rust Remover and Battery Acid Stain Remover

F9 Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner (BARC) is specifically formulated to remove BOTH  battery acid staining AND rust stains.  This includes the entire spectrum of the rust family- thin, thick, topical, embedded, and fertilizer staining.  BARC is easy to apply and does not require scrubbing, brushing or elbow grease.  BARC is ready to go upon arrival and does not require mixing.  F9 BARC chemically locks into the concrete, reversing  80-100% of the orange staining and restores concrete to its natural bright gray color.

$55 (gallon)

F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover is breakthrough in the restoration and cleaning industry. 

F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover is a user friendly, full 31.45% strength muriatic acid replacement.  This product combines a buffered, pleasant smelling acid along with an excellent soaping capability to work better at lower concentrations.  F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover gives the user the advantage of a full strength product while greatly reducing fuming and corrosion, thereby improving overall health and safety risk profile.

$52 (gallon)

F9 Groundskeeper is our industrial concrete maintenance cleaner.

This will make the concrete absolutely “POP”, remove tire marks, soils and grime in the process.  It is used when topical oil stains have been pre cleaned and the stains are actually at or beneath the surface of the concrete.  When using this maintenance cleaner, your customers will be telling you that they have never seen their concrete so clean… and this clean will last longer than when using ANY and I mean ANY high pH cleaner.  Concrete cleaned with F9 Groundskeeper will stay cleaner longer and be easier to clean the next time around.  From my personal experience and from what other contractors who have been using F9 Groundskeeper are reporting, after cleaning the same concrete 2-3x with F9 Groundskeeper, the time spent cleaning the same contracts have been reduced by 25-40%.  This is Big! Time is money! Typical dilution for F9 GK is never less than 10:1.  Normal dilution is 10:1 to 15:1

$55 (gallon)

F9 Double Eagle is the first step in the F9 Restoration Process.   Follow this up with F9 Groundskeeper for that 1-2 PUNCH on Oil Stains!

F9 Double Eagle (DE) was developed as a safe-to-use, concentrated multi-purpose degreaser and general cleaner.  Additionally F9 DE is an excellent neutralizer for acidic stains like sulfuric acid from Golf Cart batteries and automobiles.  Use also to neutralize F9 BARC or F9 Efflo if needed.  Double Eagle serves two purposes when cleaning oil stains in combination with rust or battery acid; it cleans the oil and concrete plus neutralizes the battery acid.  After that it’s just a matter of a surface cleaning and you’ve performed two tasks with minimal effort!