House Wash

House Wash
(Sodium Hypochlorite - 12.5%-15%)
By far the most used chemical for washing is our highly concentrated House Wash, or what is formally known as Sodium Hypochlorite!  We have the strongest SH will find anywhere!  Our SH is delivered 2-3 times a week and is delivered straight from the chemical plant to our tanks to ensure the freshest chemical that will clean the heaviest mold and mildew off any surface!  We now have enough storage on hand to make sure we will never run out especially during the busy season!
Our house wash also comes with the option of adding our Industrial Surfactant to provide you with suds and to give the SH a sticky texture that ensures longer stability to the surface area and helps you to clean easier!  Our surfactant is also oxidize stable to ensure it does not degrade the bleach over time like other additives might do such as degreasers or household detergents.
We sell our House Wash in 5 gallon pails and we can also fill our SH into DOT approved containers and tanks. 
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