New Again Roof and Deck Cleaner Concentrate - 1 Gallon


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      **We do offer a 5 gallon**

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      This product has changed the way professional contractors clean asphalt shingles and decks.
      Roof & Deck Cleaner is a 7 to 1 concentrate that safely removes failed stains, sealants, mold and mildew from decks, docks, cedar shake shingles and fencing.  Some contractors have told us they can use at 20:1 dilution!
      When used on asphalt shingles, mold, mildew, tree sap and fungus, it can be gently sprayed away with less than 150 P.S.I.

      New Again's Roof & Deck contains no acids, solvents, chlorine, phosphates or peroxides and is biodegradable.  It will not kill grass or shrubs.
      To Use...Mix one part New Again Roof & Deck with seven parts water in a plastic pump-up garden sprayer. Apply diluted mixture directly to dry roof or deck. Allow 20 minutes to soak and begin washing off. For decks use approximately 300 to 500 psi.  For asphalt shingles, use no more than 150 psi. Make sure to use caution when walking on surfaces being cleaned, they will become slippery. Use all available safety measures to prevent slips and falls, especially when working on roofs.

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